Laney Black Country Customs The Custard Factory Bass Compressor

SKU: 4-26512
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Studio quality compressor for your bass guitar from Laney's stable!

The Custard Factory is a studio-quality, triple-mode, Bass compressor pedal; In a user-friendly format. Lovingly handcrafted in our UK workshop, in the heart of England. Designed to be transparent, simple to use and deliver a consistent musical sound without impairing any of the fundamental tonal quality of your instrument. The Custard Factory is perfect for giving you the exact compression you're looking for whatever your bass tone.

  • 3 Modes of Compression - Fast, Medium & Slow
  • Transparent fully buffered operation at all times
  • silent switching
  • Excellent consistent load for passive volume pedals
  • Solid metal chassis construction
  • compression
  • Volume
  • Wet-Dry Mix
  • Presence