Bob's Guitar Wash

Proper adjustment is an art. A well-tuned instrument makes you play better, just like a car drives better when it's well-tuned. We have a very professional craftsman who can do that for you. No detail is skipped to obtain a well-tuned instrument: truss rod setting, nut high/low, bridge/tremelo setting, fretwork, intonation, pickup setting.

  • Costs, depending on the instrument: (excluding material) 40 to 85 euros

Repairs & Customizing

Leave your guitar in our store for a good adjustment by our luthier Bob.

Basic Set Up €39,-

Neck / Bridge Check - Basic cleaning of body & fretboard - Replacing strings (excluding string costs)

Standard Set Up €59,-

Adjust neck, bridge, top bowl, pickup height, string action & intonation - Basic cleaning of body, hardware & fretboard - Electronics with switch, jack & potentiometers inspected and cleaned - Replacing strings (excluding string costs)

Premium Set Up €89,-

Adjust neck, bridge, nut, pickup height, string action & intonation - Electronics with switch, jack & potentiometers inspected and cleaned internally - Cleaning of body, hardware & fretboard - Oiling the fretboard & polishing the fret wire - Replacing strings (excluding string costs)

Professional Set Up €129,-

The premium set up plus fret leveling, re-crown & fret wire polishing

Repair & Customization

Often a world of difference: better material gives a better sound. Not to mention the enormous detuning caused by faulty material. But also often factory top combs or bridge bones are not properly filed or adjusted.

  • Replace nut / bridge bone with graptech material 35 euros
  • Replace nut / bridge bone with real bone 45 euros
  • Intonation bridge bone 50 euros
  • Prices exclude material

Don't feel like doing that yourself? Or just don't have time for it? Of course we are very skilled in this and the strings are set up in the very best way and in such a way that there is as little detuning as possible (as far as the instrument allows).
Replacing strings (excluding strings) 10 euros

Are your frets worn out? Deep pits in the frets or damage that prevents it from playing smoothly? Do a few stick out? Unfortunately, it's all too common that even on new and expensive instruments the fretwork is just not finished well enough, or even finished too hastily, making it feel sharp and chunky. Do you want absolute certainty in that regard? We can offer you that! We look at your fretwork very closely and give you good advice. Good fretwork is an absolute must for the most optimal tuning.

  • Flattening / Profiling (speed job) 140 euros
  • Refret 220 euros
  • Extra for necks with a binding 80 euros
  • Extra for lacquered maple necks 100 euros
  • Making compound radius in fingerboard (only with refret) 100 euros
  • Fretless (bass guitar) 175 euros

Creaking potentiometers, failing switches, defective elements, faltering output jacks, strange hum, noise....little things that can cause great irritation.

  • Replacement potentiometers from (excluding material) 25 euros
  • Replacement output jack (excluding jack) 10 euros
  • Replacement 3 or position switch (excluding switches) 30 euros
  • Replaced wiring (price per hour) 80 euros

We are very skilled in building various element systems into acoustic instruments. There are many good systems available, both active and passive, with or without controllers. There are even beautiful multisystems available that combine a piezo with a microphone. Our built-in guarantees flawless operation, professional processing and an unaffected acoustic sound. We like to work with Fishman, Bband or with LR Baggs.

  • Built-in Piezo element 65 euros
  • Built-in element with active electronics 80 euros
  • Built-in element with controls 100 euros
  • Milling work for element strip (sometimes necessary) 75 euros
  • Prices excluding elements!

The worst thing that can happen to an instrument. Cracks in necks, resonance boxes, heads that break off, bridges that come loose and more. You can contact us to have your instrument repaired. Now it is very difficult to give a list of prices for this, because every damage is different and needs a separate approach. It is therefore best to come by with your instrument for an exact quotation. A very good tip: Should something like this happen, carefully remove the string tension from the instrument, so loosen the strings slowly, but do not take them off. Pack your instrument well, just to make sure the damage doesn't get any worse.

Customizing means equipping the instrument with other and better components in order to obtain a better instrument. But also to change the "looks" of your instrument. You can also think of custom circuits, other elements, pickguard, etc

  • Replacement element 30 euros
  • Replacement tremolo (without any milling work) 75 euros
  • Milling work for tremolo 70 euros
  • Milling work for single coil or humbucker 40 euros
  • Make a pickguard, from 50 euros
  • Milling work for element hole in pickguard 35 euros
  • Special electronic circuits (price per hour) 60 euros
  • Other work on request.
  • Replacing mechanisms (ex mechanisms) 25 euros
  • Replacing Bru saddles (Fender/Gibson) including adjustment (ex material) 35 euros
  • Cleaning the fingerboard with oil treatment and polishing the frets 15 euros

All prices quoted include VAT, but exclude material.