MXR Dyna Comp® compressor

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One of the most popular pedal compressors of all time!

Since its release in 1976 as one of the first in the legendary MXR line, the Dyna Comp has become one of the most popular pedal compressors of all time; a classic "go-to" stompbox for guitarists and a secret weapon on the pedalboards of many stars.

Voted #7 in Guitar World Magazine's "Top 50 Stomp Boxes Of All Time". This no-frills pedal's distinct and timeless circuitry produces the dynamic control, percussive attack, and smooth, rich sustain heard on countless Pop and Nashville hits.

• The In-line compressor "equalizes" the signal to your amp, giving your tone a high-quality level of production
• Useful for more sustain with stable dynamics
• A studio standard in Nashville
• True Hardwire Bypass
• Powered by Dunlop ECB003 AC adapter or a 9v signal battery