Boss DS-1W

SKU: 4-DS-1W
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The classic BOSS distortion, expanded with new tonal possibilities through Waza craftsmanship.

The orange DS-1 was introduced in 1978 as one of the first models in the BOSS compact series. He redefined the sound of distortion and remains as influential today. Its hard attack and smooth sustain have made it the best-selling compact effect to date. And his signature tone is the foundation of the signature sounds of a long list of rock and alternative iconic artists. With the DS-1W, the legendary stomp joins other BOSS classics in the Waza Craft series, fusing the look and character of the original with a new, discreet, all-analog circuit for greater range and versatility.

Effect Type: Distortion
Controls: Tone, Level, Distortion, Chip Select
Connections: Input, Output, 9v DC In