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Warm Audio Direct Box Passive DI box

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Passive DI Box from Warm Audio!

Whether you play guitar, bass, keyboards or another stringed instrument, you need a direct box that won't diminish the tone of your instrument, like Warm Audio's Direct Box Active and Direct Box Passive. Built around the world famous CineMag USA Transformer topology and engineering, unlike any other DI Box in the world. Built with top-level discrete components housed in a rugged aluminum chassis, including switches, buttons and connectors all designed to withstand heavy abuse on the road or in the studio.

Direct Box Active is best for instruments with passive pickups, especially acoustic instruments. The Direct Box Active can also operate in "passive" mode. Direct Box Passive is best for balancing the signal of instruments with active electronics, but still performs extremely well on passive pickups by producing a frequency response that exceeds the bandwidth of most passive DI boxes on the market.

Design: Passive Direct Box w/ Custom Wound Cinemag Output Transformer
Connections: Input, Thru, XLR Output
Controls: Amp Out/Instrument, Phase Invert, Ground Lift, Variable Pad (-3dB to -30dB), On/Off Switch
Power: 48V Phantom, 2x 9V Batteries or passive use