Taylor Beacon Tuner

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The perfect tuner from Taylor Guitars, with many useful extras!

With a bright LCD display, convenient clip-on design and multi-functionality, the Taylor Beacon is the perfect way to combine all your essential guitar accessories. This versatile little device includes a fast, accurate tuner with five tuning modes (guitar, bass, ukulele, violin and chromatic) along with a metronome with 12 time signature presets and a tempo range of 30-208 bpm. The built-in timer and countdown functions let you track up to 100 minutes of practice or performance time, which will continue running while you use the tuner or metronome functions. And thanks to the built-in flashlight, you never have to worry about losing a pick or reading sheet music in a dark room again. With the Beacon in hand, you have everything you need to stay inspired, wherever you are!

Rechargeable, cable included.